About us

Who We Are?

Classic IT is a provider of IT consulting and software development services. We have helped non-IT organizations and software product companies improve business performance and quickly win new customers

Classic IT is a leading software development company delivering tailor-made digital solutions to businesses worldwide. As a technology pioneer with deep knowledge and expertise Classic IT believes in helping companies overcome their most complex tech challenges and drive business growth.

Classic IT offers custom software development and IT services. Our developers create customized software for individuals, start-ups, and small and medium-sized businesses. Based on years of experience, we know that each business has a different software and hardware environment. That is why we provide a wide range of software development services, as well as meet the needs and requirements of customers for the most modern technologies.

Our Vision

Our motto, ‘You Seed It: We Grow It,’ reflects our business philosophy. From putting flesh on your idea to delivering the expected end of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation. We're not just a resource provider. We value our customers' success as much as our own – sharing development risk so that they can be bold in adopting new technologies.

We reiterate our vision

We reiterate our vision vividly as we welcome a new member to our family, so the new person has the chance to share a common interest.

We envision the world

We envision the world of digital marketing as a place for those who look forward to serving others and making a living by honest means.

We are proud that we have

We are proud that we have the only mission and one vision that has been a very influential tie with us together towards a common goal, success we call it.

Our Mision

We’re the mirror of your vision. Classic IT & Sky Mart Ltd. is a global provider of full-spectrum software services, Classic IT & Sky Mart Ltd. Our belief in creating tangible value for our customers is what we think is different about Classic IT. Our attention to detail and quality is unmatched in the industry. We enable progressive businesses to transform, scale, and gain competitive advantage, through the expert delivery of innovative, tailor-made software. Our elegant, data-driven solutions help organizations and people around the world to perform more effectively and achieve better outcomes.

We envision the world

We have no regrets admitting that we are not like a large organization that sets dozens of missions to accomplish. We are not engaged in seeking profits all the time. But, we have a very particular mission that, we believe, helps and will aid us in thriving.

We are proud that we have

We dream of contributing to the digital marketing landscape as a dynamic world where businesses will start, grow, and become a brand that has a supreme focus on improving people’s lives by providing them with value, insights, opportunities, and opportunities.

Why Special Classic IT?

We can help you Uplift your Business and Boost your Revenue using Latest Technological Solutions. Instead of feeding unnecessary services and implementations that increases your cost, we provide only just the solution that’s best for your business.


Effective communication is arguably the number one skill required software.


We are more experienced that allows creating a finished solution.

Safe & Secure

We follow robust data security strategies will protect an organization’s information.

Passion for Testing

We test regularly can ensure the level of quality that encourages the diligence o find bugs