Best POS Software in Bangladesh for 2022

Classic It POS Software is an incredibly powerful POS software that can handle all necessary operations of your retail shop. It is a web-based solution that supports a multi-shop system. Best POS Software in Bangladesh for 2022.

Best POS Software in Bangladesh for 2022

Our POS software will track and keep records of everyday data, by which you can produce daily or weekly or any periodical reports of Sales, Purchase, Accounting & Inventory. You can even connect the POS printer, Bar-code scanner, and Cash drawer. Apart from this, our POS software has several mind-blowing features like fast checkout, inventory tracking, store customer data, powerful reporting tools, stock import system, refund & return maintenance, employee management & much more. These features will boost your daily operations.

Significant Functions: 

  • Online Order Placement. 
  • Items Entry and Distribution System. 
  • Charging and Invoicing. 
  • Item Tracking System. 
  • Various Login with Admin, Employee, Agents, Clients, Drivers.

Fundamental Features: 

  • Demand for dispatch from on the web and disconnected both. 
  • Installment and Sales reports. 
  • Item/Packages make and oversee. 
  • Entryway conveyance and Pickup. 
  • A simple technique for installment. 
  • Channel determination for each request by bundle size, area, and Time. 
  • Item conveyance vehicle the board. 
  • Item following and standardized tag framework oversee. 
  • Item conveyance history show utilizing google map or graphical plan. 
  • Item conveyed return or bombed the board. 
  • GPS following for unique packages. 
  • Vehicle item moving report. 
  • Conveyance status shipped off client's telephone utilizing SMS. 
  • Client input and On-Time conveyance. 
  • Official Accounts Management. 
  • every minute of everyday client service 
  • Simple UI to work all capacities.

Subtleties of The Important Functions:

  • Absolute Courier and Product Packages. 
  • Absolute Shipping Vehicle. 
  • Conveyance List and Locations. 
  • Conveyed and Returned List.

Courier & Product Packages Management:

  • Add Products. 
  • Item List. 
  • Create Delivery Area Wise Sort List. 
  • Shipment/Parcel Release Reports. 
  • Search Products

Shipping Vehicle Management:

  • Delivering Vehicle list 
  • Make Shipping Vehicle 
  • Delivering Vehicle Status 
  • Add things to Shipping Vehicle 
  • Shipment/Delivery Information

Accounts Management:

  • Package/Product Bills. 
  • Charging Statements. 
  • Exchange History. 
  • Deals Summary. 
  • Absolute Expense Reports. 
  • Reports Filtering and Print. 
  • Forthcoming Payments Details. 
  • Month to month Accounts Details

Customer Management

  • All Customer List. 
  • Add New Customer. 
  • All Customer Status. 
  • Send SMS/Email to Customer. 
  • Client Edit, Delete.

Driver Management:

  • All Driver List. 
  • Add New Driver. 
  • All Driver Status. 
  • Send SMS to Driver. 
  • Driver Edit, Delete.

User Management:

  • All User List 
  • Add New User 
  • Alter User 
  • Client Roll Set.

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Development Technology

  • Backend : PHP (Laravel), AJAX
  • Front End : Bootstrap, JQuery
  • UI/UX : VUE.JS
  • Design Tools : Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Device Support : PC, Laptop, All mobile


  • Product Entry
  • Product Category & Brand
  • Barcode Generation
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Sales Feature
  • Purchase Feature
  • Sales Return
  • Purchase Return
  • Inventory Management
  • Suppliers Manage
  • Customer Manage

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Pricing Table for Point of Sales




Monthly Service Fee BDT 800

Single Branch

2 users

No Mobile Apps

Not server included

Monthly Data Backup

BDT .25 per SMS




Monthly Service Fee BDT 1,200

2 Branches

6 users

No Mobile Apps

Not server included

Monthly Data Backup

BDT .25 per SMS




Monthly Service Fee BDT 2,000

4 Branches

8 users

No Mobile Apps

Included server

Monthly Data Backup

BDT .25 per SMS


BDT 150000 /ONE TIME


Monthly Service Fee BDT 5,000

Unlimited Branches

Unlimited users

Mobile Apps

Not included server

Weekly Data Backup

BDT .22 per SMS

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